How we are different


In an area where there seems to be a new ballet, Jazz and Street dance, or movement to music class on every street corner we specialize in classical ballet and have flourished. Our reputation means everything and is earned because we are different. Children vote with their feet and they soon find us. Their success and happiness is ‘our reputation’.

We are dedicated to providing a creative and stimulating atmosphere for our Nursery children right up to their late teens, preparing them for progression through Pre Primary and Primary towards Graded Ballet and some on from that to Vocational Classes.
And so we are at their side until they are adults. Our commitment to these older dancers can often mean that we run these
classes at a financial loss in order to fulfill the promise. And whilst we say ‘From baby to ballerina ’ We will not say ‘Children up to 8 or 10’ and now by popular demand from our older students who have left to go to University or work we are starting adult classes where they can continue their love of dance and meet new people in our family of dance.

London Ballet School

Younger age classes are taught by two teachers

Our professionally staged ballet productions are unrivalled in their content and quality. Spectacular shows that are remembered forever.

London Ballet School

Take a look at some of our previous shows. Just look through the photo’s! Charging only a token fee, every effort and with no expense spared on our part is made on ensuring these children’s ballet’s are as professional and magical as you would expect to see in an adult production.

London Ballet School

Attention to detail. As dancers we know how important the floors are. Sprung wherever possible.

Having laid this new floor, here is Gill sanding between coats of ‘dance quality varnish’. Just getting the right finish on this floor cost over £500!

Gillian Winn studio

We provide a range of music that is lively, dynamic and inspiring , some of our classes also have Pianists who are experts at playing specifically for ballet.

Gillian Winn dance classes

No comparison to franchises where ads for teachers often say, ‘no previous experience necessary’.

All our teachers have been carefully chosen. Several having been mentored by Gill on behalf of the Royal Academy. Some have had successful careers as ballet dancers. We have all since then become highly trained and dedicated teachers, several achieving the coveted ‘Professional Dancer’s Teaching Diploma’. Konstantina is now becoming a licentiate of the Royal Academy of Dance and now Susie has achieved her MSc in Dance science on the first course of it’s kind in the world! See our Teachers Page.

Gillian Winn ballet classes
London Ballet School

As seasoned performers we know where the children’s training is going!

This critical extra dimension is passed on to the children who in turn develop as performers. Each individual child is special to us and treated so.

Everyone comes out beaming with pleasure at the end of class.

London Ballet School
dance events

We are also often invited to take part in festivals and cultural events. This gives our children the opportunity to perform in small groups throughout the year.

Our parents recommendations are a true reflection of how they feel their children are being treated. We welcome their input, especially at show times is greatly appreciated. Please see our recommendations.

Gillian Winn
West Hampstead School of Dance